2018 Community Picks from ModDB

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The annual community picks and featured map have been updated. This year the candidate games have been diversified to include different genres. Like before, three choices are highlighted. This year we categorized the choices. For content we picked Sevenheart, whose developers have shown the will to push out various kinds of content for those gamers who simply want an abundance of custom stuff. For creativity Fallout: New California is quite promising as Fallout fans get to delve into a new land that comes various additions of gear and the like. Finally for design we chose Half-Life: Echoes, which proves to be a worthwhile play as far as design quality is concerned --it's living proof that BSP brush geometry is still a relevant design tool and on some level shows the true skill of a level designer. 

Finally for the featured map we chose another conventional, high-quality design. Scroll to the bottom of the page for links.

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Community Picks

New California by Radian-Helix Media

Fallout: New Vegas

Seven Heart by Dreamy Folk

Mount & Blade: Warband

Echoes by MrGnang

Half Life